Time. Space. Creativity. 

Life, inasmuch love, exists only in a vacuum.  Precipitated by moral compass, these gears of inspiration harbor force in an absinthe of malaise.

Innovation applies Impressionistic Design. Our developers meet Expressionism of unique consumers.




  • Innovative Technologies
  • Environmental or Green
  • Multipurpose application
  • Unique, dual-purpose form all-in-one
  • Light-weight &  easy to mobilize
  • Vast Consumer Base
  • Customized / One of a kind (option)
  • Reliable design enhances tranquility to consumers


A light weight form that combines comfort, an outlet as an environmental portal with multipurpose utilities results in prospective scope of consumers that is quite vast. The design model calls for contributors to assist in applying existing technology & an upcoming wave of the future for a patent pending model. Copyright by United Pathos. Colleagues must sign N.D.A. for consideration. Environmental, Civil & REVIT program based Engineers are needed. I seek input on a broad scale to work with a maximum of 5-7 humble, dedicated to a cause & those committed to excellence. 

Contact homepage:   united pathos or

Visit Blog site : Gnatspace  Educated input is always welcome. 

Inquiries contact N.Guzik via e-mailUnited Pathos 

Return e-mails are responded to within 24-72 hours. Production Designers, Civil, Environmental & REVIT Engineers respond to an initiative that requires a preliminary & final N.D.A. for those concerning, for mutual benefit which pertain to those investors. The final N.D.A. shall remain in effect with full intention for future mention of the collaborative efforts of those involved & recognition due through a mutual commitment of shared performance standards & the quality of those said duties within.


  • Saves natural resources
  • Waste reduction
  • Comfortable & durable construction
  • Endless applications
  • Consumer interest & application is broad
  • Green use of technologies
  • Advantage to broad bases include legislature sessions
  • Compact design equals a latitude for mobility
  • Customized form adds to consumers value of design

Contributors input granted access to an open source forum: 

~  Green Ring ~

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