Mission Statement ~ Through manipulation of the concrete, the mental can manifest it's Self. Through an untainted mind one can define their dreams.  Through thorough Self expression one can communicate.  The elements of dis-ease, chaos & reform are multiplied by the theory of result. 
Time. Space. Creativity.  
Life, inasmuch love, exists only in a vacuum.  Precipitated by moral compass, these gears of inspiration harbor force in an absinthe of malaise.

      For there exists life in deep space, inasmuch as love exists only in a vacuum. These inspirations remain harboring forces in the absinthe of malaise. My pursuit of self-expression depends upon the qualities found in my immediate environment. Interests stretch along the intimacy of small scaled to large scaled works with human interaction courses combined with orchestrated arenas in movement & intrigue.

Memory Capsule Heirloom (demo) - PayPal.me/Gnatspace

$ 59 USD

  • Preserve Moments in Time & Space
  • Custom sealed heirlooms
  • Price ranges from $59-$129
  • UPS Shipping (optional)
  • Allow 3-6 wks for completed work

 United Pathos

Memory Capsules


Found objects & historical preservation of The Human Psyche in application of a certain form,

a formula & certain reactants that equals heirlooms & a frontier of originals survive.

 Graduations, 50th Wedding Anniversaries, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baptisms, Birthdays, Birth Announcements, Memorials & more . . .

Preserve Moments in Time & Space...

...where heirlooms & a frontier of originals survive!

Mother & Child 08[02
Wedding Dance 05[03

 : Expanding humane logic & internal hemispheres :

Internal to external it's all the same.

An Awakening & Dénouement

(((. .)))


     I create worlds or self-contained hemispheres that are pleasing and sensitive yet remote to the extent of self-reflection.  Social order as opposed to disorder conceptualizes itself into a realm, an unknown grain to most. My desires to expose these unknowns lift me into a world separate from the outside.  I enjoy this level of travel as these fragile and remotely unexplored sculptures force me to incorporate experimental transitions into a galaxy not yet explored, a world not yet conceived, beyond a petri dish.

     The one I imagine controls no one, no thing.  The only potential creation has exists inside The Human Self and Psyche.  The individual decides whether he or she desires understanding and from there the ideal form or piece has energy, carnal and etereal knowledge, not power and or control.   I intend to creatively expand my own hemispheres of left and right brain impulses, which will encounter those who enter my work or intimately hold and embrace forms which encapsulate the audience with a universal message and remembrance of the extraordinary beauties within each of us.

     Here, the sacred meets the profane as the complexities of each rely upon an unforeseen force.  Whomever and whether you constitute life as a chance or opportunity remains relative to decision.  The humanistic instinct releases once heated situations arise and the ferocious and distinctive creatures within us discharge, as the animal within instinctively knows the way.  Hidden potentials found in nature and discovery are unsurpassed as we must realize our individual or in some cases individuals within us.  There is no need for competition, patriotism or eccentric desire; but only serious & thorough self-exploration.

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 Can I Buy You A Cup Of Time?

Life is precious. Think before you drink!

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