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Mission Statement ~ Through manipulation of the concrete, the mental can manifest it's Self. Through an untainted mind one can define their dreams.  Through thorough Self expression one can communicate.  The elements of dis-ease chaos & reform are multiplied by the theory of result. 

Time. Space. Creativity. 

Life, inasmuch love, exists only in a vacuum.  Precipitated by moral compass, these gears of inspiration harbor force in an absinthe of malaise.

Contributors input may be routed through security access & to open source site upon transcript or letter of intent.  Core features plus benefits as well as broad IT description.  N.D.A. will be prepared for any preliminary development as well as before production.  

The R&D IT individuals  actively involved with creation, production design and production designers will be recorded to date and at present and may be with potential changes and after mutual consideration.  Investors will secure their mark for "Green Things".

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