Mission Statement ~ Through manipulation of the concrete, the mental can manifest it's Self. Through an untainted mind one can define their dreams.  Through thorough Self expression one can communicate.  The elements of dis-ease, chaos & reform are multiplied by the theory of result. 

Time. Space. Creativity.  

Life, inasmuch love, exists only in a vacuum.  Precipitated by moral compass, these gears of inspiration harbor force in an absinthe of malaise.

NRCC Business Advisory Council since 2003

Pain is Temporary.  Pride Perseveres.

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"Even a brick wants to be something."  -  Genghis Khan

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Worm’s vs. Bird’s Eye View

a perspective of


      The most beautiful thing I ever saw was a praying mantis cleaning itself. A cool breeze waved the tall weeds in circular fashions spiraling left to right and forming shadows indiscriminate as metal plate in reflecting sun. Reaching through the zone of waist high green lavished blades, a whirl of cicadas and crickets or grasshoppers floated in their won direction of analytical decision. Relaxing for an endless hour was fortune as time escaped my wrist and invited nails of flexible sensibility began a way. In kneeling before the moist firm earth and narrow realm to which I assumed as my own I cleared the ramp of all-queer pebbles and debris. Upon my arrival I felt a sheer sweep of comforting logic. Oh, I was home. A final breath and friendship as concept was extinguished for I had others to share my love and was within another confine more sublime. For this world did not comprehend color. In disguise I felt and liked it like that. When I rose to regain the attributes that make me describable as human a creature leaped on my stationary hand and held firmly to occupy seat on this futuristic joy ride of 5’6”. The camouflaged figure she wore didn't affect her one bit. She was mounted and prepared for war. I could see it in her eyes, every one of them.

     I examined my find and felt blessed again. I noticed her configuration was arched and she appeared to pray. Wiping from one femur to the next I believe she was cleaning her digital hooks ready to or maybe had just eaten. The leaf-like structure so frail yet course in the model sense of mechanics. Modes clicking and gestures expressing a mission, one I was unaware of. Did I have her or did she have me under direct observation? Control. Nothing mattered for I never questioned. She replied to me as I leaned closer to admire the station of beauty and design of her torso at hand. As she turned her head from left to right and licked the hooks she had as hands she leaped straight to my enormous face. 3D. I shrieked with delight and surprise Kamikaze attack, for her lack of fear as she engulfed the air I hallucinated as my own.

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To create a PG rated motion picture approved by the M.P.A.

Coming to a Home Theater near You . . .

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 Key & Inspirational Role Model

Mr. Stavros Spyros Niarchos

(3 July 1909 – 16 April 1996)

Simple Minds 05[92

    Out of darkness light is born everyday. Living in darkness seems most prevalent within our starving American nation. Criticisms within North American culture cease long enough for a star to cry, stars that can not speak for themselves but can only be seen by a human eye. True understanding of the universe and it’s inhabitants confounds as a single voice making the art world in a separate realm of human ideologies.

     Treatments occurring in silence and with soles. A creature excavated from a child’s mind. Shredded discipline lost and found. Tasting something like ancient stocks of royal red dug deep in burgundy. Falcon 900. The Caspian Sea. The Niarchos Family remains a fond memory of mine with a fine wine label below relished once a day, never in a blue moon.




Appellation Pauillac Controlee


Sichel & c - Bordeaux

7 cl (75 cl)


     Revealing completeness, totality targeted and ignored. A good thing to be last in line. A sentence easy to say for a child but to you may feel like control of the weather. Angels pivoting elbows answering to fools only as they are the answer to proofs that life can exist in a vacuum: The process of development. Nothing remains sincere but premeditated femurs directed and dizzy. Spurs keeping the beat. Rhythm as music in heat and isolated crates on the vine of allowance inviting no one to its party. Celebrating nothing but joy for being alive. Living for no one but the children missing in action and remembering everything she knows. Knowing that pain is the patch and beauty remains to be discovered. Spetsapoula, the island I yet to discover.

     Although simple people small, loud, gilded; however, unpronounced, reveal the soft pool of heavy depression I seek to become. To be human is such a sin. To cherish the past means ability to begin again clean and matrilineal. Realizing footsteps and pretense. Disregarding the need for human contact and forgetting how to feel. Seeking the refuge of numbness, a post on high and tumbling donuts like I beams into coffee. What a way and all in time for a station break.

Loveseat by Salvador Dali

United Pathos

remains dedicated to an entire human race.


I, Natalie Guzik, do solemnly swear to protect & defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I will bear true faith & allegiance to the same. I accept this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. I will willfully, faithfully discharge & execute the office upon which I am about to enter & will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect & defend the Constitution of the United States so help me God.

: ~ Steps of travel are intelligent & fast, for each day relieves the last. ~ ::

Political Interest


     What precedence occurred in 1973 with Supreme Court decision San Antonio ISD vs. Rodriguez that makes the American country hungry & perilous for sanction, i.e., in the direction towards another Holocaust? The Supreme Court ruling: Education is not a right it is a privilege & as of 1994 our right to live is even in question. I find it extremely hazardous to my peace of mind & ability to rationalize the health of planet Earth as a Hitler prodigality is elected to run a country & pass legislation to halt the conservation & logistics of agricultural expansion. Hemp could save planet Earth; however, if bushes could they probably would destroy all public records mentioning involvement with broccoli & the tightest knit brotherhood (The Committee of 300) as these individuals jump out of a standard war plane with a parachute made of the very fabric that saved asses & the same one former Presidents fought to eliminate from Earth. That’s not carrot cake! Hemp is one of our answers to global healing. Bush passed a law that surpasses any Game Wardens right to “peaceable” entry. If you are even suspect of growing, using or even manufacturing goods derived from the marihuana plant you will be incarcerated & impounded like a slimy street freak without a car. Not only is this denial but this is purely a direct strain towards a regime headed by ridiculous & insane Kamikazes. Most are unaware that Americans were once required by law to grow the durable plant. Anabolic steroids are illegal because of blatant ignorance & abuse. The truth is that education saves lives & never killed anyone.

     I feel it is my pleasure & sincere duty to offer FREE Consultation to anyone seeking my services whether it be for a business matter i.e., photography or a large scaled sculpture installation. While the government may remain out of pocket on certain issues, I like to provide opportunities for anyone to benefit from my experience. Sign a petition HERE to Stop Global Warming & The Greenhouse Effect.

~ Input is welcome ~

Complete a survey for an Art In Public Places (A.I.P.P.) Program here. 

 Abstractions From An Eggshell Mind     

 You stand in line and wait, for something you know not.  You chasten yourself for reasons only you can discern.  You deviate.  You do because you know how.  Facts can lie.  You know because moms teach manners and you have a mind.  You now ask what life would be like without rudimentary esotericism and the language we know as systematic.  I say a nomadic dominion that aims directly for Palestinians just released from hell by jail.  In seconds an army of steamrollers plow over them with sold streaks of flame.  Underground waves are lost while dowsers forget the path to the stagnant chapter of dignified barbarism.  People search.  Our elderly are left alone and blind to those who smother them with pillows and dirty homeless plates.  What higher meaning does The Holy Spirit have for us to learn from?  Do you see the children stand? 

If so, do you look deep inside?  Their faced discipline is fruitful.  Their logic is quiet and profound while they succeed beyond any political regime bold and naked.  Honey bugs of black and yellow curiosity leap for science and arithmetic to solve the problems.  They want to coalesce before AIDS destroys the glitters of hope they grip tight to.  Everyone is hungry for bread and most don’t realize the answer is in self-sacrifice.

Whatever your deepest fear remains is the one you must confront.  You heart depends on it.  If people cared more and greed were less crime and time would cease for at least an extra hour and politicians would feel a priority to educating our public majority, not fearing reformation to the United States Constitution. Discrimination of caliber was founded and continues to be argued and even questioned.  People are left out and alone to fight for an ear. 

Androgyny is my present and personal goal.  It’s a security blanket, a disguise if you will.  Only women possess the true ability to harbor the divine art form.  However that is not my goal.  The mystery of androgyny is fascinating establishing a parody between gender and race wars. Marlene Dietrich.  Dustin Hoffman.  Grace Jones.  Women are going to be judged simply on merit not on their didactic repertoires concerning the feminist ideal.

What you believe is who you are, no separation.  When we blend that’s the tone that hides.  Illusion and definition establishes itself spontaneously in a symbiotic jocular relationship.  As a female I feel a duty to deny my own sexuality for my own taste buds and career.  When I expose myself I know I will be treated differently. It’s not your fault.  It’s the cleansing production and separation of ideals that history has bred indirectly favoring the rat race and Humane Society.

My Will.doc My Will.doc
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      My Will

     After it’s all said and money fills our minds the trees of society spread satisfying the times.  In-congruent hospitality and fortune in a will.  Who dares to nurture this sail with real food?  A tired wake shaken by a father’s belt sick in ice and grounds. The shingles become singles.  Franklin.  Abe.  Wash a ton of webbed toes crumbled and disposed like pink to brown.  It all fades in wine.  Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty.

     A flavor like a child in hell.  When fire turns to water another tundra deep with daughters discovers seven lives to save a seven to dye in May.  We all seem to cry for pain.  British fogs proclaim crystals as clocks beat in or knock.  A chicken and hawk come together.  They stalk and find a new breed and blend as friends.  Who is your neighbor and why is he there?  I can’t answer this fortune for I have knots in my hair.  I brush as I do bury elephants with glue.  No matter, atoms are bouncing my walls away.  Eliminating my disease of shock-less knees.  I scramble to find my neighbor who keeps changing his hands along with his face.  Why we travel and float, diving deeper and in a separate boat.  I ponder weather which stops the feather into recalculating the meaning and purpose of time.

     In council, one may perceive an enlightenment or political overview to be cataclysmic for reform through the eyes of an artist and servant to the monarchy.  Or perhaps this was once upon a time.  In parody, this rendition bifocals the supreme ore and elitist.  Here, the chancellor of adieu bids his sacrifice at will and religiously encases his corked pipe at no regard.  Emotionless yet packed with pathos for human nature I sense more grief for the point in focus.  Noticing the hat as a token of respect awaiting an opportunity to display for others.  An indiscriminate toil of status as the manager hinders the causes of sacrifice.  As a trial proves in purpose, someone always presents a defending victim where there undoubtedly is a persecutor.  Either the warden works for a dime or employer assists this Christ figure in crucifying him or coming to his rescue.  With either avenue shadows a figure appearing at no risk while another John or Jane Doe reaches open rested and timed.  Women chained and leaving naked aprons to climb.  Who can see our system or compromise as a cycle of seven desensitized reversals of seven deadly sins?  In reflection this challenges to satisfy the factory of big business.  Who knows better than the round table who started the dispute.


The future children of this planet depend on Us!

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