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Mission Statement ~ Through manipulation of the concrete, the mental can manifest it's Self.  Through an untainted mind one can define their dreams.  Through thorough Self expression one can communicate.  The elements of dis-ease, chaos & reform are multiplied by the theory of result. 

Life, inasmuch love, exists only in a vacuum.  Precipitated by moral compass, these gears of inspiration harbor force in an absinthe of malaise.
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Pain is Temporary.  Pride Perseveres.

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"Even a brick wants to be something."  -  Genghis Khan

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      The most beautiful thing I ever saw was a praying mantis cleaning itself. A cool breeze waved the tall weeds in circular fashions spiraling left to right and forming shadows indiscriminate as metal plate in reflecting sun. Reaching through the zone of waist high green lavished blades, a whirl of cicadas and crickets or grasshoppers floated in their won direction of analytical decision. Relaxing for an endless hour was fortune as time escaped my wrist and invited nails of flexible sensibility began a way. In kneeling before the moist firm earth and narrow realm to which I assumed as my own I cleared the ramp of all-queer pebbles and debris. Upon my arrival I felt a sheer sweep of comforting logic. Oh, I was home. A final breath and friendship as concept was extinguished for I had others to share my love and was within another confine more sublime. For this world did not comprehend color. In disguise I felt and liked it like that. When I rose to regain the attributes that make me describable as human a creature leaped on my stationary hand and held firmly to occupy seat on this futuristic joy ride of 5’6”. The camouflaged figure she wore didn't affect her one bit. She was mounted and prepared for war. I could see it in her eyes, every one of them.

     I examined my find and felt blessed again. I noticed her configuration was arched and she appeared to pray. Wiping from one femur to the next I believe she was cleaning her digital hooks ready to or maybe had just eaten. The leaf-like structure so frail yet course in the model sense of mechanics. Modes clicking and gestures expressing a mission, one I was unaware of. Did I have her or did she have me under direct observation? Control. Nothing mattered for I never questioned. She replied to me as I leaned closer to admire the station of beauty and design of her torso at hand. As she turned her head from left to right and licked the hooks she had as hands she leaped straight to my enormous face. 3D. I shrieked with delight and surprise Kamikaze attack, for her lack of fear as she engulfed the air I hallucinated as my own.

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To create a PG rated motion picture approved by the MPA

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Simple Minds 05[92
Loveseat by Salvador Dali

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